Denim Therapy SAVED Wesley’s DENIM!!! @denimtherapy

Everyone has that pair of denim that has a special place not only in their closet but in their heart and after wearing them so many times we all begin to see little areas on the back pockets and more importantly in the crotch inseam that begin to not only ware more drastically than other areas, but they also begin to tear, this is what happen to me all the time.  I have had this pair of denim since the last season of reader review, for our consistent followers, for those of you that are new to that was about 6-7 months ago.  For a few months I was participating in a raw denim review so I will subtract 3 months from the life of my denim.  So after 3-4 months of wearing this pair of denim look at the damage I was able to instill on this denim!

To prevent this from happening to you what I recommend is patching denim that you know you are going to be wearing often at the beginning this will allow your denim to have the strength to make it through all activities that you engage yourself in. Take your denim down to your local tailor or in my case my good friends from Denim Therapy and have them reinforce these areas professionally.

So I just received my denim back from Denim Therapy and let me tell you their work is remarkably unbelievable.  When looking at my denim from the outside they look like a brand new pair of denim, but they feel much stronger than they did before I sent them to Denim Therapy.  I know some would feel hesitant to send off their denim to somewhere that they cannot necessarily go too, but Denim Therapy has a very effective system that allows you to explain exactly what you would like done to your Denim.  After mailing my denim to Denim Therapy in New York I had my denim back in just a couple weeks.  I couldn’t have asked for a better result from Denim Therapy and now I still have one of my favorite pairs of denim and they are stronger than ever.  Thank you Denim Therapy and thank you Denim Guy for introducing me to such great people.

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