G-Star Women Colored denim for Fall 12! @GStarRaw_US

During my work trip to New York this I was lucky to have some time between meetings on Wednesday and was able to jump into the G-Star Fall 12 preview! Thanks Ida for tracking me down via twitter! =)

I must say I always enjoy previewing the G-Star Raw collection because they are one of the more directional denim brands in the U.S. right now. While I was not able to see all of women’s ( I’ll see the rest in L.A. next month), I was able to quickly see some of the colored denim they are releasing for fall! I was happy to see that G-Star was showing a different variety of color for women this fall. Not falling into what every other denim line is doing with color they are offering ¬†women a more toned town, earth colored denim.. which I LOVE!

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