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Dana Reviewing Cult of Individuality, Karma Straight, Green Tea Color, Size 27

When I think of denim, I definitely don’t think green… but this amazingly cool pair of jeans completely changes my beliefs! The overall slightly and stylishly distressed finish along with the built-in wear and tear makes me feel like the product by Cult of Individuality makes me feel like the denim is recycled and I’m a do-gooder by wearing them. Oh, and this Karma straight leg cut is literally in a green tea color. How unique is that?? It’s cool that this denim actually seems one-of-a-kind even on the first wear, thanks to whiskering and established holes in all of the right places. Never will you need to be too nervous to cut and snip your own tears with these jeans. I really became more aware of whiskering in denim because of The Denim Guy… in fact, it was my fave denim expert who made me think about how these added personal details are oh so cool and special. In fact, from what I understand he’s wearing the same pair of denim every single day for an entire year simply to create his own TDG styled jeans. Pretty cool and quite inspiring!

Bringing it back to this latest pair on the review, I was inspired to take a more casual and almost unisex style and wear a very fitting trench-styled vest. It’s a bit more feminine due to its sleeveless cut, belt to cinch the waist and the obvious high heels. It’s always a fun concept to mix and match the feminine and the masculine in fashion, but I’ve learned through all seasons of the reader review to definitely opt for heels; most denim looks that much better with the extra length – unless it’s a short or regular length cut, of course. I’ll miss reviewing denim from season to season because we still seem to take away something helpful each round, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to share with others all of style tips I’ve learned through the process. It feels good to basically be a denim expert now!

denim by: Denim: Cult of Individuality / Hair & Make-Up by: David Dang 


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