Cuffing your denim is okay! Thanks @AGJeans!

Okay… So as I am doing the one year, wear every day, raw denim challenge with my AG 50’s raw slim selvage denim I tend to get some looks! Why? Because I have decided to cuff (not roll) the denim during this project. Sometimes the cuff can be 2 inches above my ankle sometimes 4 inches… just depends. Anyhow, some people give me this look like I am crazy for cuffing denim. My roommate hates that they are cuffed and my mom even tells me to un-cuff them but I do not care what they say or what people think so I keep them cuff!

Thank You AG for introducing a Geffen fit that is CUFFED! Yes see below! This is exactly how I have been cuffing my denim for the last 3 months!  Want a pair? CLICK HERE 

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