The Denim Guy Raw Denim Project! @agjeans

THE RAW DENIM PROJECT! Okay so first off if you do not know what RAW denim is then here is a mini recap:

Raw denim is denim fresh off the loom. It hasn’t been put through any processing or been washed. When you buy a pair of raw denim jeans, the goal is to let the stiff and untreated denim learn the curves and movement of your body, creasing where your body bends and fading in all the right places. The result is a truly individual pair of jeans – Thank You Denim Therapy for that beautiful recap on raw denim.

So now that we know what raw denim is all about, I have personally decided it was time for me to do my own raw denim project. Now you might wonder what the hell a raw denim project is? Well that is when someone wears the same pair of denim every day for a long time (can vary from person to person) and you DO NOT wash them so that you can create you own custom wash that is special to your body.

okay . . . BUT WHY? Many people have asked me to do this before and I never really considered it but during my trip to Amsterdam the denim designer  from Scotch & Soda really inspired me to do this because he had on a pair of denim with the most beatiful wash I had ever seen in my life. When I asked him what the wash was he told me it was his own wash. He then explained to me that he had been wearing this pair of denim for 8 months EVERYDAY! I asked the marketing manager if that was true and she said ” Yes, he is crazy!”.

So now it is my turn to be crazy and wear the same pair of jeans for the next year everyday without WASH! I am doing this with the AG 50’s SLIM RAW . I started this Project on Friday Sep 16th and with only 10 days into it i can already see some difference in the denim and wash. In about a month I will post some images of what they look like. Below you will see pictures from the denim when i first received them ( never worn).

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