CROP JEANS for men by GAP?

Okay . . .So I talked about Women’s 1969 Collection now lets talk Men’s.  Uhh, Where to start? Well first off as product drops in stores & online I will be giving you updates because I saw a lot of things that I want to talk about but they are not in stores yet!

SOOOOOO… what really impressed me today with the  men’s 1969 collection by Gap was what they are doing with the drop crotch trend and how they are really making it realistic for an American consumer.

Check out this 1969 Max Crop Jean. The cut is meant to sit low on the waist with a longer, slouchy rise. The Leg skinny ( which I love) and then cropped and the length ( which I love even more because I am all about showing some ankle).

Want these bad boys? CLICK HERE

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