Reader Review: Guys Review 7FAM Part 1

For Season 3, I asked denim lines to send me 3 to 5 pairs of denim in the same cut and wash.  Why?  To show you, the consumer, how one fit looks on different body types. Everyone is built differently and you’ll be surprised how one fit could look and work on 5 very different people.

Here is a review on 7 For All Mankind Men’s Standard Fit in sizes 29, 33, and 36. Sizes 32 and 34 will go up tomorrow.



Mechanical engineer

Denim: 7 for all mankind Standard Fit  Size: 33


The first thing I noticed about these 7 For All Mankind jeans when I tried them on was the fit.  These jeans really fit well around my waist. It is always a plus when no belt is needed. They also sit a little low on the hips and that also adds to the comfort. The fit is a little tighter then I’m used to but I was very surprised with how comfortable they were. I was afraid at first that it might be too tight in the crotch and butt, but this pair of denim may not look like it but there is plenty of room and they feel great. Once again the denim guy did a great job on fitting me in a size 33. For being a tighter fit it actually feels like a relaxed fit. I was very impressed by this!!! I really loved the fact that I have full mobility in these jeans and I’m not restricted. So I would have no problem wearing these jeans pretty much anywhere. My favorite thing about these 7FAM jeans is the color!!!! It’s a super dark blue, kind of reminds me of a midnight blue-almost black. I’ve always wanted a dark pair of denim but I could never find a pair that I like. Especially a pair that fits well, too. I was very happy when the denim guy fitted me in these 7FAM. The darker color would definitely make me want to dress these jeans up! I would throw on the button down and some dress shoes and hit the club!!They really have a sexy look to them. I am also a very casual guy so I could easily put on a white T with this pair of denim and feel great. I have always heard good things about 7FAM jeans but I never tried on a pair until the denim guy fitted me. I am now a fan!!! I can guarantee this pair will be in heavy rotation for me.



Denim: 7 For All Mankind Standard Fit Size: 29


Comfortable was my first reaction as I slipped into this pair of dark denim from 7 For All Mankind. I’ve been stuck on the skinny jean look for a while now, so not having to struggle to get my pants on was a bit unusual. I must admit, it was a HUGE breath of fresh air. Each leg slipped right in! As I buttoned up and jumped around a little, I could feel the denim gently brush up against my legs, from my thighs to my ankles. The flow and movement were definitely intriguing. Are my days of wearing slim-fitting jeans over? Probably not, but this could be some sort of fashion reawakening. I think I could get into the looseness offered by the regular fit from 7FAM and style them in a way that would still be my own. The fit was perfect on the waist and the rest just flowed nicely down my lower half. Extra space in the crotch is always nice and 7FAM regular fit achieves this without being overly baggy. I can totally see myself wearing this pair in a more nautical setting, because of the navy blue color and overall flow. Put me on a sailboat in these jeans and I’d be pretty set. I could wear them to brunch on the marina or to a casual dinner downtown with friends. To complete the look, I would match the denim with light loafers and a soft-colored shirt that’s just as comfortable and loose fitting, short or long-sleeved. Anything lightweight to keep with the motif. I’ve owned pairs of 7FAM, but the denim on those jeans was a lot heavier. It’s nice to see that the brand has this much range. Being fitted by the Denim Guy was a pleasant experience, as usual. He knew I would be hesitant to try on a somewhat different look, but I’m glad I listened.


Model: Nick


Denim: 7 for all mankind  Size: 36


The first thing I noticed was the material of these denim; I’ve never worn stretch jeans before. Mostly all my jeans are a little loose. Surprisingly they were not at all how I imagined stretch jeans would fit. They felt great around my waist giving me tons of room but yet still very fitted and did not have a baggy look to them! They fit great! I even got complimented on how great my butt looked in them. Haha.

These denim aren’t only great looking, but their durability will let you get a whole lot of wear and tear out of them, too. Depending on the shirt you slap on, you can dress these jeans up or dress them down. These denim are full of style and loaded with sophistication that makes you feel cool and contemporary while sporting them. And the fact that they’re a popular denim choice for many Hollywood A-listers, doesn’t hurt either! I typically don’t wear 7’s, I always thought they were over priced and kind of boring but after the denim guy hooked me up with these 7’s, they are back in the game! :)


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Photos by Joanne Rapadas


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